Node Foscam Client

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Node client sdk for current HD foscam cameras that stream H.264 like the FI9821W, FI9831P, etc..

This is an early release and is not a fully functional SDK. Please open tickets and submit pull request as bugs are found. Until a 1.0.0 release, all 0.x.0 releases are considered major and may contain breaking changes, see for release details.

Example Usage

Install using npm: npm install foscam-client

var Foscam = require('foscam-client');

var camera = new Foscam({
  username: 'my-username',
  password: 'bad-password1',
  host: '',
  port: 88, // default
  protocol: 'http', // default
  rejectUnauthorizedCerts: true // default

// Get saved presets on the camera
var getPointList = camera.getPTZPresetPointList();

// Once the presets are received - print the list to the console and move to the 3rd saved preset
var gotoPresetPoint = getPointList.then(function(pointList) {
    console.log('PTZ Point List:' + JSON.stringify(pointList));

    // Note that ptzGotoPresetPoint's promise is fulfilled as soon as the command is received by the
    // camera. There is no way to block until the camera has finished moving to the location.
    return camera.ptzGotoPresetPoint(pointList.point3)

// Once the ptzGotoPresetPoint command is finished - snap a picture
var snapPicture = gotoPresetPoint.then(function(){
    return camera.snapPicture2()

// Once the picture is snapped - do something with it
    // do something with the binary jpg



Generate Docs: npm run docs


  • Install dependencies
    • npm install
    • npm install --global gulp
  • Run lint and tests
    • gulp