Developer: Dan


Node Version Audit 2022

Node Version Audit is a convenience tool to easily check a given Node.hs version against a regularly updated list of CVE exploits, new releases, and end of life dates. CVE lists and Node release information are automatically scanned twice a day to ensure any new patches are found quickly. This is a clone of my PHP Version Audit project.

Blocklist Tools 2021

Search popular domain and host formatted blocklists for specific entries. The search is performed against all available versions of the lists, so not only will you discover which lists contain the entry, but also when it was added to the list (and also optionally removed). Currently, has over 16 million unique and valid domains sourced from over 50,000 list versions containing over 5.6 billion entries.

PHP Version Audit 2019

PHP Version Audit is a convenience tool to easily check a given PHP version against a regularly updated list of CVE exploits, new releases, and end of life dates. CVE lists and PHP release information are automatically scanned twice a day to ensure any new patches are found quickly.

Hosts 2018

A collection of regularly updated host files for domain blocking. Currently has four list types: Ads & Tracking, Tracking Aggressive, AMP Hosts, and Facebook. Root domains are manually curated and then programmatically expanded to also block all known subdomains.

Foscam Client 2015

A node.js client SDK for the current version of Foscam HD cameras that stream H.264 like the FI9821W, FI9831P, etc.. This SDK makes automating your Foscam a breeze by allowing everything from camera rotation to snapping pictures. Checkout the documentation for the full list of features.

Commit Cloud 2013

Generate a word cloud using commit messages from public github repos. Commit Cloud Uses the github API (via octokit) to get the 100 most recent commit messages. It splits the messages into individual words and tracks the frequency of each word. It then generates the word cloud using a modified version of jQCloud. See it in action here

Gauss Crack 2012

Gauss Crack was created in response to the Gauss Virus. The Gauss Virus contains an encrypted payload designed to target computers with a very specific configuration. In fact, the configuration is so specific, that the exact configuration required to decrypt the encrypted payload is still unknown! The virus employs a very novel algorithm to ensure the payload stays encrypted until its needed. Gauss Crack mimics the algorithm in an attempt to find the correct configuration so the payload can finally be decrypted and analyzed. See the algorithm, or download and test your system now.

Filterable 2013

Filterable supplies a Bootstrap and X-editable themed per-column filter for an HTML table. Simply click a table column, type in a filter, and only rows matching your query will remain on screen. The jQuery plugin is complete with different options to control the look & feel as well as supply your own matching function. The minimized version is built using Grunt, coding standards are forced using JS Hint, and over 70 unit tests are run using QUnit. Check out the demo or fork it on GitHub

Table To JSON 2013

Table To JSON is a jQuery plugin that converts an HTML Table into a javascript object. Obviously the need for such a plugin is not very common, but I needed it so here it is. This is mostly useful when parsing output from 3rd-party tools or legacy pages.



Pi-hole Docker:
  • Introduce additional docker tags for the debian version (enables Buster support) - pull #635
  • Support docker secrets for web password - pull #584
  • Improve healthcheck responsiveness - pull #579
  • Preserve the base 'debian:stretch-slim' image reference - pull #16
  • Implement branch-based tagging with weekly builds via Github Actions - pull #17
  • Add debian version docker tags to support both Stretch and Buster builds - pull #25
  • Simplify Dockerfile configuration by using ARGS for various image builds - pull #594
DShield Raspberry Pi Sensor:
  • Bugfix: resolve invalid references - pull #145


  • Remove SlackbotHandler from the docs - pull #1280
  • Refactor the 'missing' command to pull CVE details from NIST data feeds - pull #34
  • Adding CVE-2019-11043 with fixed versions 7.1.32 and 7.3.9 - >pull #33
  • Improve add missing workflow, update CVE checks - pull #31
  • Add my new facebook/messenger/instagram block list - pull #931
  • Update my lists - pull #844


  • Removed requirement to load JavaScript from - pull #259
  • Update to use HTTPS - pull #1003
  • Firefox implementation ticket for 'Feature Policy' - pull #4396
  • Added notes on high-resolution timestamps - pull #4351
  • Added fbclid per Facebook's new tracking strategy - pull #163


  • Add the default logging format to the docs - pull #2177
  • Added Java 8 InstantParam with test - pull #2048
  • Add new criteriaQuery method to avoid hibernate criteria deprecations - pull #2028


Node Static:
  • Added glob matching feature for setting cache headers - pull #183
Kafka Node:
Node Zookeeper Client:
Angular Strap:
  • Added contextmenu trigger for dropdown and tooltip - pull #2018


Camunda BPM SDK JS:
  • Set custom request headers using the HTTP-Client - pull #11
  • Added promise support - pull #10
  • Response can be undefined at this point if there was an error - pull #8
  • Angularjs: `IInjectorService.get` has an optional 2nd param - pull #5742
Angular Material:
  • Added styling support for md-icon with textarea - pull #3955


  • Include user's index preference in account API - pull #1164


Wicked PDF:
  • Ensure temporary files are released - pull #206


  • Added optional user authentication using LDAP - pull #30
Database Cleaner:
  • Found and fixed a long-standing bug when cleaning SQLite databases - pull #163


Open Flash Chart - Rails:
  • Added gradient background support - pull #16
2011 AI Challenge:
  • Added hill support for Ruby starter ants - pull #312