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A collection of hosts files for domain blocking. If you find something in a list that you believe is a mistake or breaks functionality, please open a ticket and I'll consider removing it. Also, if you find an unblocked subdomain of a blocked root domain, please let me know so I can add it to a list.

Ads & Tracking

A programmatically expanded list of hosts I've found to not be on other lists. This list is very reliable and I recommend using it. This list currently has 47591 unique domains.

Tracking Aggressive

A very aggressive block list for tracking, geo-targeting, & ads. This list will likely break functionality, so do not use it unless you are willing to maintain your own whitelist. If you find something in this list that you think is a mistake, please open a ticket and we can discuss it. Keep in mind that this is an aggressive list. This list currently has 3453 unique domains.

AMP Hosts

Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are taking over the web. Block AMP pages with this list. Since I use DuckDuckGo, this list is pretty sparse and suggestions are welcome! This list currently has 1495 unique domains.